Creating cultural continuity by mobilizing your vision.


CULTURE IS WHAT your environments say you value and the art of culture development is saturating your environments with your vision. Oftentimes there exists a discrepancy between values and the reality that is expressed in the culture. If you work or serve in full time ministry you can relate to how challenging it can be infusing unique vision and DNA into your culture. Our passion at CultureBus is to integrate vision so that unity is encouraged, processes are streamlined, and leadership is increased.

Test Drive

Chris Rivers has worked with both ministry and marketplace leaders, building tools to effectively integrate their vision. Working through the 6 areas of Vision, Process, Team Building, Equipping, Environments, and Transitions, CultureBus helps bring unity, process, relationships, and leadership into your culture.



To be able to sit down with CultureBus and look at our vision for our church and match it up with how we can take that vision and the culture of who we are and then share that througout our staff and high capacity leaders has been priceless.

Brett Gray

Campus Pastor The Cove Church

"CultureBus gave me practical steps and a plan to transfer vision to my team."

Daniel Lee

Head of Middle School Melbourne Australia

"There is not a better integration tool to help us integrate vision to our staff, key volunteers and ultimately our entire church."

Derek Spain

Executive Pastor Hebron Baptist Church

"CultureBus is a unique process designed to help any organization analyze how they do things, with a purpose of giving real answers for how to do it better. We were a totally outside the box experience for Chris, yet his insights were great value for us. If you want to be challenged and stretched, the CultureBus process works."

Dr. Bill Higley

Vice President of Academics Summit University of PA

"CultureBus came alongside us and walked us through who we are and how to communicate culture"

Mark Carter

Lead Pastor Torch of Faith

"CultureBus has a platform (for content delivery) and a methodology (for creating dynamic leadership discussions) for taking any organization (regardless of size) through a well thought out process to help shape and define a forward moving organization."

Billy Almaguer

Lead Pastor Awaken City Church

Chris Rivers


OVER THE LAST 8 YEARS whether it be financial, leadership, or even ministry help, God has allowed Chris to work with ministry leaders to help them overcome the challenges in the area of vision integration. CultureBus was born out of his own experience seeing the vision deficit that can happen between a leader and those who follow. Whether it be injecting DNA into your team, creating cultural continuity, clarifying your vision, establishing better processes, building resources or leadership assimilation, you'll value Chris's experience. When working with Chris you will be energized and encouraged to accomplish the vision that God’s given you.

To learn more about CultureBus email or call 706-489-9811.