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Most teams have a mission statement, core values, and even a strategy...

But, did you know that most of those same teams don’t have a culture development strategy to help them effectively implement it throughout their organization?

Over the last 14 years, I’ve helped teams create tools to ensure a forward-moving culture. Join a Coaching Group that focuses on helping you create an effective culture development strategy for your team.

HERE’S WHAT IS INCLUDED in the Coaching Group:

- Seven sessions of coaching through virtual conference calls (60 minutes sessions).

- Culture Assessment that provides insights into what’s working and what could be improved within your team culture.

- Integration Hub designed to onboard individuals to your culture. I will help you turn your cultural components into a coaching model.

- Roadmap to prepare team members for the integration journey.

- Relational Equity Training and an equipping tool to help each of your teammates respond, relate to, and influence others more effectively.

- Three Test Drive Assignments (Integration Plan) centered around each of your cultural components. 

- Tools and assessments you can use to have discipleship conversations with your team.

- Culture development content you can use to implement with your team and future team members.

- Instant access for question and answers via Group Me

- Facebook group to build community with other leaders just like you.

** Each of the six routes come with specific tools or templates you can use to lead your team.


$99 per person or $249 per team.
1-2 hours of homework per session

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Chris Rivers


OVER THE LAST 12 YEARS whether it be financial, leadership, or even ministry help, God has allowed Chris to work with ministry and marketplace leaders to help them overcome the challenges in the area of vision integration. CultureBus was born out of his own experience seeing the vision deficit that can happen between a leader and those who follow. Whether it be injecting DNA into your team, creating cultural continuity, clarifying your vision, establishing better processes, building resources or leadership assimilation, you'll value Chris's experience. When working with Chris you will be energized and encouraged to accomplish the vision that God’s given you.

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