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Podcast Framework

The CultureBus Podcast Framework course equips churches, businesses, nonprofits, and schools to develop and launch a podcast that helps inspire and equip their tribe to accomplish their mission.


The first step, CLARIFY will guide you through our Podcast Discovery Tool and help you define the purpose of your podcast and how it will help others move.

In step, ORGANIZE we will create a central place to house all of your resources. This step will also help you communicate with your guests, build a brand, build your podcast platform, develop 4 unique podcast templates and learn how to put everything together to record your first episode.

Our third step INVITE will assist you in building momentum and creating a rhythm for facilitating, Our 7 tracks will discuss everything from scheduling to conducting a successful first episode.

In step four, PRODUCE, we will show you how to create a Podcast Recording Template using your first recording. We will discuss everything from recording, editing, exporting, and posting your first episode.

Lastly, in step five, EVALUATE, we will show you how to celebrate and evaluate each episode and turn your content into coaching.

** Each of the six steps come with specific tools and templates you can use to lead your team.


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Chris Rivers


OVER THE LAST 12 YEARS whether it be financial, leadership, or even ministry help, God has allowed Chris to work with ministry and marketplace leaders to help them overcome the challenges in the area of vision integration. CultureBus was born out of his own experience seeing the vision deficit that can happen between a leader and those who follow. Whether it be injecting DNA into your team, creating cultural continuity, clarifying your vision, establishing better processes, building resources or leadership assimilation, you'll value Chris's experience. When working with Chris you will be energized and encouraged to accomplish the vision that God’s given you.

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