Creation Story

Where you've been, where you are going and where God is taking you. Think Narrative.

Day 1

Day 1 of a 30-day experience to help others increase productivity.

Chris Rivers gives you an overview of the course, shows you the benefits and next steps.


Example #1 Creation Story

By serving their community, Piedmont Church lives out their mission by existing ‘to show God’s love in such a way’ that the people they serve will experience the love of Christ with acceptance, compassion and unconditional love.

Example #2 Creation Story

Confusing their mission and their vision, The Cove Church had bolted on too many ideas to their core purpose. Through their CultureBus experience, they created a roadmap to cast vision and simplify their approach to get everyone aligned and on the same page.

Example #3 Creation Story

First Response faced a "common sense" challenge. The leadership assumed that everyone on the team understood the culture and vision, but realized that what is common to the leadership team, may not be common to the entire staff.

Example #4 Creation Story

The story of Hebron Church has always been a story about people. People calling out to God. People responding to God’s power and presence as He moved in answer to their prayers. People responding to God’s call to take His Gospel to the world.