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Sample Strategies

Check out some strategies we've built for
ministry and marketplace teams.

Marketplace Teams

First Response

First Response faced a "common sense" challenge. The leadership assumed that everyone on the team understood the culture and vision, but realized that what is common to the leadership team, may not be common to the entire staff.

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Auxano exists to create break thru-clarity with church teams to realize their vision. Their Core Process helps teams uncover and clarify what makes them unique. The challenge they had was helping current clients working through the process to gain momentum.

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Leader Meter

CultureBus assisted LeaderMeter by helping them create new tools and strategies to market their leadership competencies. With these new tools they are better positioned to share their story and cast vision for the future helping them accomplish their mission.

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Ministry Teams

Torch Of Faith

There is a misconception in ministry that just because someone preached a message about vision last Sunday, everyone who heard it is waking up thinking about it each morning. Vision is inspiring, but the fallacy is thinking that inspiration is enough to sustain people for the duration of the journey.

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Piedmont Church

The culture development challenge at Piedmont Church revolved around creating a culture of generosity. While they have experienced past success with several capital stewardship programs at the church, they wanted to challenge their congregation to look at stewardship in a new way, while casting vision for the future.

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The Cove Church

The Cove Church is steadily growing in attendance and locations and needed increased leadership capacity in order to continue that growth. The goal was to establish a Leadership Development Strategy.

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