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The Culture Assessment®

The Culture Assessment® helps you establish a level of unity inside your culture, refine and define standard processes, assess the strengths and weaknesses that are impacting performance, identify areas of focus for needed improvement and align culture change and leadership development initiatives when leveraging new staff and volunteers.

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Relational Equity Assessment®

The Relational Equity Assessment® works both inward and outward. It helps your team know what makes you uniquely you, while also helping you to influence others and respond to them more effectively.

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As You Give
Because You Give®

The As You Give Because You Give® process guides a church's leadership team to become inspiring storytellers who capture people’s attention, help their congregation feel part of the church's story and encourage generosity towards the mission of the church.

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Create a welcoming environment that connects people the mission of the church using the three P's of Guest Impact and our Appendix, which will help equip you to implement Guest Impact in your church.

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Digital Church Community Survey

The Digital Church Community Survey® reveals how effective your church is at accomplishing the mission of the church. During a weekend worship experience, our team will help you assess 6 core areas that gauge awareness and perception of people inside your church.

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